Among the wide range of glass products, Krzemien company offers unique glass mosaics. Glass is an ecological and durable material, and due to its hygienic value is increasingly used in bathrooms. For the production of mosaic we always use glass from European steel mills. Our technology and product development standards provide superior durability and original design. Our mosaics are characterized by a wealth of colors – we provide 160 basic colors and nearly 5000 color combinations with effects. We also enable our customers to choose between monochrome, shading, color picking, and their percentage share throughout the project. In addition, we give our customers the opportunity to choose a mosaic based on an image (25x25mm or 11x11mm cubes or mosaics consisting of individually cut cubes). All of our bathroom glass elements have hygienic certificates and anti-slip certificates. Glass bathroom mosaics are chosen by private clients who value the original style in their home and investment clients looking for unique design in restaurants, hotels and SPA salons.